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My Story

On October 21st, 2016 I woke up with a hang-over.  I had drunk over 10 drinks the night before, a combination of God knows what, of shots and mixed drinks.  I woke with that same, distraught, heart-palpitating feeling and the dread of facing the morning sunlight.  I dropped my friend off to work and stared at the ocean.  Once again, the hopelessness had settled itself within my being.  Drowning myself in the Atlantic never looked so appealing.  I was 33, living in a mother-in-law suite inside someone else’s house, working a dead-end serving job and still borrowing money from my parents.  Credit cards were maxed from expensive drinks and the aftermath of them.  I was a recent college graduate who had racked up over $50K of debt.  I didn’t know who I was anymore.  

On that day in October, I decided to hang out with an old friend I had not seen in years.  I told my friend that I had a bad hangover that day and he told me he didn't have that problem anymore because he quit drinking.  He said he hadn’t had a drink in several years.  He now owned an art studio and sold paintings.  He was successful finally and living his dream.  I was shocked because he used to be a reckless alcoholic.  I asked if he attended AA and he said he did not.  I then thought, well if he can quit on his own, then I can as well.  I remembered I had once been an artist, a writer, and a musician, but I had abandoned my gifts because drinking replaced everything I used to cherish. 

I was your classic socialite binge drinker.  I did not wake up drinking, or drink every day for that matter, but I felt the social stigma that many feel pressured to surrender to.  And, unlike the fortunate ones who can indulge in one or two drinks and be done with it, I had to have more if I was around people.  I would drink around 3 to 4 days a week at a minimum of 20 drinks per week.  I was in a place of uncertainty, where I had no control and the end result was unpredictable.   I had tried “only drinking beer” but would then succumb to temptation and take the shot that was offered.  I had tried AA and had only quit for a maximum of 60 days with the program. I didn’t like the program.  It reminded me of being forced to attend church on a regular basis as I was raised in a very religious household growing up.  Yes, I do believe in God, but I found that having obsessive compulsive disorder and attending AA was absolutely maddening for me. Not only because I disliked holding a stranger’s hand, but also because it felt ritualistic and like I was wasting my time.  Just like church was as a child, I couldn’t wait to leave the room.

One method that worked for me was replacing my unhealthy habits with hobbies.  I thought about everything I loved doing before I was addicted to alcohol. I started drawing, painting, writing, playing guitar, walking down nature trails, beach days, and also learned new hobbies as well.  One hobby I learned was wire wrapping crystals and turning them into beautiful jewelry. I now have a successful Etsy shop and I am being recognized for my artistry, which is something I always wanted.  I have my own apartment, I’m 30 lbs. lighter, make conscious choices and have my personal power.  I am now a morning person who looks forward to greeting the light.  I am living proof that a person can overcome the thralls of addiction without attending a program. 

I realized that I had other deep-seated issues that prompted me to drink.  I’m an introvert and would get social anxiety around others so drinking helped me cope with this issue.  I also felt abandoned by my father growing up and pressured by my religiously fanatical mother.  I also witnessed them fighting constantly so I was always looking for an escape.   I grew up in a very sheltered and strict upbringing. I was often alone.  I drank so I did not have to feel isolated anymore.  I drank to forget the things that caused me pain.  I drank so I didn’t have to feel at all.  The feeling of being sober can feel very uncomfortable at first, but without change there is no growth.

My mission is to help you learn about yourself again.  My guidance is straightforward.  If you want someone to just listen, I will just listen.  If you would like my input, I will give you the utmost of my unbiased opinion on what options seem best fit for you.  

I offer free 15 minute consultations via Zoom. I charge $80 an hour for coaching sessions, or you can purchase a package that allows unlimited communication via text in addition to weekly coaching sessions.

*Disclaimer:  I am not a medical expert.  If you are in need of medical help, please contact the proper authorities.  I am simply a person who was an alcoholic and who had to think outside the box in order to heal and I am now here to help others in a similar fashion.


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